She caught me at the river side gazing at the moon,

Her glowing skin lightened the gloom,

Her eyes resembled the moon,

On that moon night by the riverside,

I couldn’t stop gazing at the beauty inside,

The beauty that flourished inside of her,


She stared with so much love,

It reminded me that she is all I have,

Babe, a we going to stay here all night,

No, only when we find the only star that shines bright,

What is it all about Babe? she asked

Help me find it, cute, it’s worth a blast,


She innocently looked at the sky,

With no signs of decry,

Trying to find that one brighter star,

Her perplexion saw it as a bizarre,

Not knowing the lovely surprise that awaits,

Wow look at that one babe it looks bright,

What of this one, I said, impressed by her delight,


Babe I found it, where is it,

Her curious desire to know all about it,

Gave me no time but explain what the star meant,

Babe the time we took to find the star,

Is like the years it took me to find you my rose attar,

Babe to me that star resembles you,

That’s how your beauty glows,

In my heart and so much it bestows,


You see the other stars,

Are the beauties, thought they were bright but left me with scars,

Babe, my days were nights,

But you came and twinkled a light,

In my heart,

Making me complete,


I made millions of wishes wen i met you my twinkle Star,

Wishes to be with you,

Wishes to be part of you in your future,

When I look into your eyes, I can see a reflection of the two of us and the life I hope we’ll share together.

I see no other place to be than being in your heart forever,

Babe, will you MARRY ME?…..

©noelthepoet 2017



How long does it take to forget you,

To forget those lips that i found million reasons to kiss every second,

How long does it take to forget the memories of the special moments we had,

The Moments when we brought together what we had,to build us together,

How long does it take to forget the cute pillow fights,

The soothing romantic nights of deam lights,

How long does it take to forget the depths of love i had for you,

When only my glances on you could tell how i feel even wthout saying a word,

How long does it take to forget the “NICE TO MEET YOU NOEL”, that has now turned to be “GOODBYE NOEL”

it was Love on first sight but how i wished it would never be love on its Last Flight.

How long does it take to forget the walks n talks on streets,

The Cute romantic pokes we shared as we mock our talks,


©noel the poet




From dust to dust,

Your presence will forever be our thurst,

In our hearts,

Its sad to admitt that you lived in our past,

If only tears could bring you back,

We could cry gallons of tears to fill our packs,

Yes, we loved you but God loves you more,

We had you but God will have you more,

If only time could be rewinded,

Maybe all this could be avoided,

It hurts seeing you walking down 6ft earth staircase,

If only i could help you out, then i would,

But i cant cause all i can do now is stand here wth a sorrowful gaze,

Rest till we meet again,

But when, or is it our usual lunch date at 12pm,

Wish things could continue being the same,

To me you were the roots, i was the stem,

You took in all to help me grow,

And i grew to branches wth leaves, that glow,

I will miss you,

But i believe one day I’ll meet you,

Gone in Peace..



©noel the Poet 2017


Heart Vows

Heart Vows

For better for worse,

If this were not only words,

Then two will be better than one,

Cause with you in me all the pain will be gone.


Till death do us part,

As Love gave us birth,

And led us through the path,


For sickness and for health,

If it wasn’t for the sake,

Then we will share our breath,

Not the pieces of the cake,


I will love you forever,

If its God who brought us together,

Our hearts will stand for each other,

And grow in love for one another.


My ring on your finger,

And yours on mine,

I’ll live on your linger,

Till the sun looses its shine,


©noel the Poet 2017



Please don’t discriminate me,

It’s not what I wanted to be,

I found myself being this way,

With a mouth that couldn’t say,

But I do have dreams like you,

I have always dreamt to fly,

Even without knowing the color of the sky,

Cause my eyes are shut,

But I could still feel it in my heart,

Love me like your brother,

I could have one if I had a mother,

See, am a great dancer,

Without my hands and legs I could do it better,

So come and dance with me,

Dance, and see how well I shake my tummy,

Am in love with music,

Yes, I love watching music,

Though my ears can’t hear the sound,

But my heart hears it loud,

Doctors said my life points were redeemed,

By the sickness that my blood has gowned,

Am happy I know you before it all ends,

At least am not alone because we are friends,

Treat me as you are,

Cause am also a human like you,

Heal my happiness from scars,

With the love inside of you,

I need you just like u need me,

Hear me where the need be,

Cause am just a human like you,


©noel the poet 2016



I can’t hold my tears,

When i think of the ones you reaped from us,

We live wth so much fear,

Thinking that your existence is a curse,


Am that Son who lost a Father,

That kid who lost a Brother,

And the Husband who lost a lover,

Because you graved them,

On our families you left a symbol of shame,


The villagers talk about dad’s unfaithfulness,

That made you attracted to him,

If only my brother didnt taste the waters of all the pots he met,

You and him could never have met,


You took away my baby boo,

Wish i could do something to save her from you,

But she is now gone,

Cause it’s my lust that brought you home,


Am counting days or mayb hours,

As you keep eating me from my veins,

Shrinking all my  gains,

And killing all my inner powers,


But before you take me down,

Let me share this massage to the world,

That Hiv/Aids is not just a word,

But an enemy that can grave you down,


Be faithful to people you love,

Not to loose the ones you have,

Abstain to avoid the stain,

To survive this life without pain,

Be protective and protect the world,


©noel the poet 2016




Life has different phases,

Love me now when I have all the strength to do so in return,

Love me now when my dental formula isn’t disturbed,

I bet kissing won’t be difficult,

Your lips won’t fall in a hole,

Rather on a good place

Love me now when my body has enough strength,

To carry you around town so as everyone knows I’m yours

Love me now

When there is still time.




I will love you now only wen am assured you’ll gather my pieces,

I will love you right if each moment shared kisses wont me missed,

And love will not only be kisses,

I will love you now when my glances on you will forever feel fresh,

Even when i woke up every future morning n put my eyes on you,

You will still b love on the first sight,

I will love you now wth reason not only being feelings n emotions,

But on depths of how much i care for you,




A smile I will forever wear if in your arms I will rest,

All my worries will be gone,

If you will forever be there.

I’m growing old

You should know that!

Will no longer be that girls with a slender figure,

I will bear our children

My breast will not be the same,

They will face the ground,

I will grow fat!

So love me now

Whilst I’m still the person you love



I will shelter you in my arms only to get your smiles to glow my world,

I wont love you now to have you now but i’ll make you forever mine,

I will only love you now if only you will love me fine,

My love wont fade as you grow old,

Cause wen i love you now its not about your skin but for the Cute inner part of you,

I will love you now just like yesterday on that future day,

If only your heart is safer to hold my trust,

Then i wont hesitate to give it all to you,

I will love you when you are here to stay,

When I’ll l be assured that i’ll never miss you in anyway,




I’m going to tell the world I have a man that the world says it’s difficult to have,

A man with unconditional love like that of God,

True love like that in mill’s ans boon

I’m gonna tell the world I have the man who  loves me for me even when I grow old,

Even when my body structure has shrunken

He loves  me just like Christ loved the church!

True love I have never seen.

Let me give you love in return



I couldn’t resist the feeling i have for you,

My heart beats the rhythm of your name,

Go–me.        Go-me.      Go–me

Take my hand and lets walk in the paths of reality,

Where dreams will fade but our Love will come True,

Am loving you now cause i crave to love you n have you,

I wanna kiss you now as passionately as yesterday tenderly as today n Romantically as Tommorow,

Cause not even a part of me will fade,

You are a page that i wouldn’t turn,

Those cute stunning eyes of you,

If only our babies could have those from you,

They will sure be the cutest ones in the whole world,

The smiles on your face will forever be my light glowing my future to life,




© 2016