I’ll be on the Sky, You can’t Catch Me if You can’t Fly….


“She Looked me in the Eyes and Said to me, Poetry is not about the Words, its about the feelings expressed through words, she told me, don’t write to be read, Write to be felt…..

#Quoteme noel the poet 2018

The Beauty Of the African She

The Beauty Of the African She

Her eyes are the definition of beauty,

Every twinkle of her eyes resembles the cute beat of her heart,

If you’ve ever fallen for the cuteness of her lips,

Then you will be crippling when she smiles,

Her skin talks more of the beauty of her mother’s Land,

She is an African woman

With the beauty that every eye won’t stop stalking,

When she walks past you call 911,

Cause your eyes might break your neck.


Photo credits: Cute Njoki

©Noel the poet _Kenya 2018