Her Coloured Identity

Her Coloured Identity

On her face were the colors of a rainbow
But deep inside her, was a dark hole with a lonely shadow,
Her colors weren’t expectations of rain,
But to cover her inner pain,
She is a full woman to the world
But broken inside,
She had all the fame to earn her pride
But she was hollow and lonely inside,
They liked what they saw on her pictures
Followed every moment she could cupture,
The same world that she hoped to find a future,
Didn’t know her inside was made of a suture,
Cause on her face were the colors of a rainbow
But deep inside her, was a dark hole with a lonely shadow.
She was told to follow her Heart,
Every time she did, her life became an art,
An Art from the Artist heart,
But no one knew the Heart that inspired the Art,
Her inside were fears,
The colours on her face were signs of tears,

@Noel the Poet 2018

photo credits Pinterest. 




There comes a time
in every rightly
constructed boy’s
life when he has a
raging desire to go
somewhere and dig
for hidden treasure.
~ Mark Twain ~

Photo by Pinterest

Quote by Mark Twain.

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Your Beast Is My Beauty

Your Beast Is My Beauty

Her beauty was magnificent,she stood on the Savannah seeking attention and hoping that at least she’d be noticed and showered with flattery,but even he didn’t see her,she wasn’t his kind,his kind of beauty was staring from behind mesmerized by his behind and all she beheld from her kind.

Photo Credits : Noel the poet

At : Tsavo East National Park, Voi,Kenya.

Photo taken on : 26th September  2018

© noel the poet 2018

Lake Challa.

Lake Challa.

There are moments I’d look around and really appreciate how nature’s beauty compliments God’s creation,from the strike of the morning rays to the fading sunset sun. Ain’t it beautiful?Take another look at it. Recently I explored one of the most intensely breathtaking landscapes in Kenya and at peak of one of the hills that spans through Taita Taveta county is a hidden gem. Ladies and gentlemen I give you Lake Challa. A crater lake that spreads it’s water through two East African countries;Kenya and Tanzania. Words wouldn’t do it’s description justice,Just take pause and soak it all in.

Photo credit : Noel the Poet

Date taken : September 27th 2018

At : Lake Challa. Taita Taveta County. Kenya.

“She Looked me in the Eyes and Said to me, Poetry is not about the Words, its about the feelings expressed through words, she told me, don’t write to be read, Write to be felt…..

#Quoteme noel the poet 2018