Who made the lame walk?,

And the dumb talk,

And the blind get sight,

As he stood as the light.


Who endured the stripes,

As he carried the shame,

Yet he had no one to blame,

When he swallowed the whips.


Who had powers so mighty,

That can give a bird life,

And raise a man to life,

Is he Jesus the almighty?


Who made the storm calm?,

Through a raise of a palm,

And stood for the nations,

To die for our salvation.


Who had a life full of love,

The one precious to serve,

Who died for our favor,

For this i thank my Lord n saviour.



37 thoughts on “My Lord ‘n’ Saviour

              1. You i have always had a passion to volunteer on such organisations or even start my own to help others find the light of hope in their lives, because truly there are people n children living in a life that can less be imagined

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              2. I am actually not volunteering in the moment i am home…but i am thinking of volunteering from januar onwards and am just searching for the right place πŸ™‚ do you have a big youth in you’re youth in kenia?

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              3. Yeah i have quiet a good number of youths, we have approximately 50 youths the number keeps on increasing the more we reach out to mobilize more youths around…….we started the youth group this year in our church ministry which comprises of three other smaller ministries (branches)……our main aim was to reach out to youths, feed them the word of God, lead them to salvation,help them grow spiritually and also financially,through helping them participate in youth projects to earn little cash for a living as well as employment.this is part of what we are doing…..there is a program we are planning to start soon but we are yet to register it first….

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