The distance killed the presence,

Misses grew lonely miles,

As the heart silled the loves existence,

The memories visualising the stunning smiles.


Am here yearning for you,

Feeling like the sky is loosing its blue,

Wish i could take the kisses with Me,

And carry your hugs around me,


Cant wait to see your face,

And feel the warmth of the beauty behind your dress,

Beib, is like am walking through my thoughts.

The distance has left me feel kinda lost.


I Miss you not only the kisses,

But also the love that unpuzzle my pieces.

When am down,as it feeds my sterve,

You the one who satifies my crave for love.


Am coming back to love you,

To love you more than yesterday,

Making you feel my love day by day,

Am coming to find you,





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