Sometimes in life you think you in love,

When you meet the cute and thought thats all you have.

Sometimes in life you feel you dont want to let go..

Though the pain of the truth is felt even more…

Sometimes in life you think that love is what steers what you feel,

But you find out its an itch that makes a heart swell…


Sometimes in life men dont cry.

But a broken heart wouldn’t make the tears dry..

Sometimes in life you have to walk out of the past.

And choose to let it breath it’s last..

Sometimes in life you find out that caring is your habit.

Though feels like no one noticed it…


Sometimes in life you doubt what your tommorrow will be..

But you are left with hopes and faith for what you can’t see..

Sometimes in life. You find today a brighter day,

You live happy knowing that the brightness would stay..

Sometimes in life even if they never cared…

You find out that the best you can be hasn’t disappeared..


Sometimes in life you just gather what you have…

Keep moving till you feed the starve.

Sometimes in life its all about you not them…

Cause if you let them be, then its you they will blame..

Sometimes in life forget the hurts,

And remember its only God who never hurts…


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