The journey of life,

Every step counts,

Though we meet steep bumps,

In the middle of the road,

And fear the future abode,

You wished you came slow,

But you realize it was the last thing you saw,

You feel sorry for wat you ride on,

Though you don’t stop, u keep pressing on,


That journey of life,

Down the road,

Meet sharp corners,

At time you miss the lanes,

When you try to accelerate the gains,

And find yourself on side track,

Wondering how far is it to your destiny,

U hold your tears, but your fears keep ‘ur heart on strikes,


The journey of life,

Put  your safety belt on,

Down you go, with one safe bet owned,

You meet bridges ‘n’ tiny ways,

You go on ditches, ‘n’ still ride for days,

That journey of life,

You meet sign posts,

Then you sure of not getting lost,


So u turn on the music, ‘n’ dance with your head,

That journey of life,


To be continued………..



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