Just like the first step you made,

Wen you were at the younger age,

The courage you had,

Even when you fell on your legs,

Its the few steps you took,

That taught you how to walk,


Its said it can move mountains,

And its dead without actions,

It comes from hearing the word,

The words of our caring Lord.


There was no cure,

But it gave me hope and diluted my fear,

And gave me strength to hijack my tears,

Am now healed, through blending it with prayers.


Its a substance of the goals i hope for,

The evedince of the reaps i sow,

When i embrace it i keep my blessings flow,

Up i grow in heights,

Cause my success is shielded with faith,


10 thoughts on “FAITH

      1. Wonderful, ,,Faith can’t be felt or touched, , when built strong, , it can move mountains, change the impossible to possible, its usually right path to God.
        Love this…

        Liked by 1 person

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