My heart was weak,

Words couldn’t speak,

Was in dark, all alone,

The lights and  happiness were gone,


I couldn’t walk,

My road was on rocks,

My enemies mock,

Me,every round of the clocks,


I onced craved for a hand,

To pull me to a stand,

I was all alone,

Everything was gone,


Then i saw the light,

Shining above me, so bright,

Fell out of fear,

And thats when i knew he was here,


Then i saw a hand,

Stretched from above,

Pulled me to a Stand,

Thats when i felt his love,


Then i heard a voice,

That made me rejoice,

And i felt his grace in deluge,

Thats when i knew the Lord is my refuge.


©Noel the Poet 2016



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