Cant get my eyes off the dark glossy skin,

Couldn’t resist the urge to earn her heart’s win,

My mouth is allergic to lies,

So does my heart a truth devise,

So take my compliments,

As you enjoy the comments,

If i could start from your head to your toes,

Am sure to take the path through your dainty nose,

I wouldn’t resist talking about the eyes,

The cute stunning ones wth a proof from cries,

Or shuld i talk about the Cherry lips,

And fail to mention the smiles,

No, even if i complement the hips,

I wouldn’t forget the beauty on your thighs,

Am not the kind to forget your midnight black hair,

Cause if i do i wouldn’t be fair,

Oooh you are beautiful,

Wth an outlook soo cheerfully

Oooh the African she,

You deserve the crown of beauty,

Your pot-like bottom,

Covered by that cute white cotton,

When you walk,

You tempt the eyes of men to stalk,

Oooh the African She….

©noel the poet 2016


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