Life has different phases,

Love me now when I have all the strength to do so in return,

Love me now when my dental formula isn’t disturbed,

I bet kissing won’t be difficult,

Your lips won’t fall in a hole,

Rather on a good place

Love me now when my body has enough strength,

To carry you around town so as everyone knows I’m yours

Love me now

When there is still time.




I will love you now only wen am assured you’ll gather my pieces,

I will love you right if each moment shared kisses wont me missed,

And love will not only be kisses,

I will love you now when my glances on you will forever feel fresh,

Even when i woke up every future morning n put my eyes on you,

You will still b love on the first sight,

I will love you now wth reason not only being feelings n emotions,

But on depths of how much i care for you,




A smile I will forever wear if in your arms I will rest,

All my worries will be gone,

If you will forever be there.

I’m growing old

You should know that!

Will no longer be that girls with a slender figure,

I will bear our children

My breast will not be the same,

They will face the ground,

I will grow fat!

So love me now

Whilst I’m still the person you love



I will shelter you in my arms only to get your smiles to glow my world,

I wont love you now to have you now but i’ll make you forever mine,

I will only love you now if only you will love me fine,

My love wont fade as you grow old,

Cause wen i love you now its not about your skin but for the Cute inner part of you,

I will love you now just like yesterday on that future day,

If only your heart is safer to hold my trust,

Then i wont hesitate to give it all to you,

I will love you when you are here to stay,

When I’ll l be assured that i’ll never miss you in anyway,




I’m going to tell the world I have a man that the world says it’s difficult to have,

A man with unconditional love like that of God,

True love like that in mill’s ans boon

I’m gonna tell the world I have the man who  loves me for me even when I grow old,

Even when my body structure has shrunken

He loves  me just like Christ loved the church!

True love I have never seen.

Let me give you love in return



I couldn’t resist the feeling i have for you,

My heart beats the rhythm of your name,

Go–me.        Go-me.      Go–me

Take my hand and lets walk in the paths of reality,

Where dreams will fade but our Love will come True,

Am loving you now cause i crave to love you n have you,

I wanna kiss you now as passionately as yesterday tenderly as today n Romantically as Tommorow,

Cause not even a part of me will fade,

You are a page that i wouldn’t turn,

Those cute stunning eyes of you,

If only our babies could have those from you,

They will sure be the cutest ones in the whole world,

The smiles on your face will forever be my light glowing my future to life,




© 2016


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