I can’t hold my tears,

When i think of the ones you reaped from us,

We live wth so much fear,

Thinking that your existence is a curse,


Am that Son who lost a Father,

That kid who lost a Brother,

And the Husband who lost a lover,

Because you graved them,

On our families you left a symbol of shame,


The villagers talk about dad’s unfaithfulness,

That made you attracted to him,

If only my brother didnt taste the waters of all the pots he met,

You and him could never have met,


You took away my baby boo,

Wish i could do something to save her from you,

But she is now gone,

Cause it’s my lust that brought you home,


Am counting days or mayb hours,

As you keep eating me from my veins,

Shrinking all my  gains,

And killing all my inner powers,


But before you take me down,

Let me share this massage to the world,

That Hiv/Aids is not just a word,

But an enemy that can grave you down,


Be faithful to people you love,

Not to loose the ones you have,

Abstain to avoid the stain,

To survive this life without pain,

Be protective and protect the world,


©noel the poet 2016



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