Please don’t discriminate me,

It’s not what I wanted to be,

I found myself being this way,

With a mouth that couldn’t say,

But I do have dreams like you,

I have always dreamt to fly,

Even without knowing the color of the sky,

Cause my eyes are shut,

But I could still feel it in my heart,

Love me like your brother,

I could have one if I had a mother,

See, am a great dancer,

Without my hands and legs I could do it better,

So come and dance with me,

Dance, and see how well I shake my tummy,

Am in love with music,

Yes, I love watching music,

Though my ears can’t hear the sound,

But my heart hears it loud,

Doctors said my life points were redeemed,

By the sickness that my blood has gowned,

Am happy I know you before it all ends,

At least am not alone because we are friends,

Treat me as you are,

Cause am also a human like you,

Heal my happiness from scars,

With the love inside of you,

I need you just like u need me,

Hear me where the need be,

Cause am just a human like you,


©noel the poet 2016




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