From dust to dust,

Your presence will forever be our thurst,

In our hearts,

Its sad to admitt that you lived in our past,

If only tears could bring you back,

We could cry gallons of tears to fill our packs,

Yes, we loved you but God loves you more,

We had you but God will have you more,

If only time could be rewinded,

Maybe all this could be avoided,

It hurts seeing you walking down 6ft earth staircase,

If only i could help you out, then i would,

But i cant cause all i can do now is stand here wth a sorrowful gaze,

Rest till we meet again,

But when, or is it our usual lunch date at 12pm,

Wish things could continue being the same,

To me you were the roots, i was the stem,

You took in all to help me grow,

And i grew to branches wth leaves, that glow,

I will miss you,

But i believe one day I’ll meet you,

Gone in Peace..



©noel the Poet 2017



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