She caught me at the river side gazing at the moon,

Her glowing skin lightened the gloom,

Her eyes resembled the moon,

On that moon night by the riverside,

I couldn’t stop gazing at the beauty inside,

The beauty that flourished inside of her,


She stared with so much love,

It reminded me that she is all I have,

Babe, a we going to stay here all night,

No, only when we find the only star that shines bright,

What is it all about Babe? she asked

Help me find it, cute, it’s worth a blast,


She innocently looked at the sky,

With no signs of decry,

Trying to find that one brighter star,

Her perplexion saw it as a bizarre,

Not knowing the lovely surprise that awaits,

Wow look at that one babe it looks bright,

What of this one, I said, impressed by her delight,


Babe I found it, where is it,

Her curious desire to know all about it,

Gave me no time but explain what the star meant,

Babe the time we took to find the star,

Is like the years it took me to find you my rose attar,

Babe to me that star resembles you,

That’s how your beauty glows,

In my heart and so much it bestows,


You see the other stars,

Are the beauties, thought they were bright but left me with scars,

Babe, my days were nights,

But you came and twinkled a light,

In my heart,

Making me complete,


I made millions of wishes wen i met you my twinkle Star,

Wishes to be with you,

Wishes to be part of you in your future,

When I look into your eyes, I can see a reflection of the two of us and the life I hope we’ll share together.

I see no other place to be than being in your heart forever,

Babe, will you MARRY ME?…..

©noelthepoet 2017


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