This is how i smile,
Isn’t that cute?,
Look at the happiness in my eyes,
Happiness is what brings me to light,
I believe one day the world won’t see that chair,
But the potential that lives in me,

See, i have a friend too,
Just like you do,
Together we believe that God had a purpose for us,
Our lives are blessings even when the world think of it as a curse,

When i grow up i want to be a great Man,
I want to be the father of a cute Son,
A husband to a heart-full wife,
A man with a God-full life,

When i grow up, i want my past to be a testimony,
The world to gain courage when they hear my Story,
I want them to realise that my success wasn’t about my disability,
But the passion that ignited my inner-ability,
My future calls me a pilot,
I have always dreamt to fly,
I believe my passion will bore wings to take me to the Sky,

I believe my dreams will take me high above the limits of the sky.

Noel the poet
Photo by
Coastline photography
Courtesy of
‘Someone Like Me’ Initiative
All rights reserved
Copyright © 2017 by noelthepoetkenya


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