If at once i made you cry,

Or my acts took away your smile,

Then am so Sorry,

Maybe i was too Carey,

Too Carey to understand what you needed,

Even when your happiness bleeds,

But my intentions are to see you happy,

I did, thinking all that will make you happy,

They say too much of something is poisonous,

Maybe my intentions overdosed you to hurtfulness,

Maybe it was never done the way you wanted it too,

When i was busy feeding you with all the treats.

Trying to drag you out for dates,

Forgetting,cuddling at home was all you wanted to,

The times i could whisper in your ears,

How much i love you boo,

And forget to whisper on your fears,

How much i mean to you,

Am so Sorry,

Sorry for forcing you to imagine my presence when i wasn’t there,

Sorry for the times i blew the kiss,

When you needed my lips,

Sorry for the empty promises,

That seemed to favour me in your hearts premises,

With no intentions of fulfilment,

They were Just  phony statements,

Am Sorry, forgive Me.

noel the poet 2017



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