If you’ve ever thought that your life is one of the worst ones, when everything seems falling, at times you blame God for all that is happening, the times when you meet the tough and think you are facing the worst in life than anyone else, and thoughts of suicide linger your mind, having false hopes that when you vacate out of this life maybe everything is going to be fine, or you think of giving up and let failure take advantage of your weakness….


Then you are wrong cause there are millions of people out there who wish they had the life you have, but they don’t, there are many out there who wish they could walk like you, eat like you but they can’t, but nothing has ever stolen their smiles, they hope for the Dawn even when their skies lack signs of light,


In life, it’s not about how many times it hits you, it’s about the times it hits you hard but you find more courage to make a step and move to your Ambitions.


I will tell you a story of a young boy whose past was full of Dreams that never met its Future… Whose dreams were shattered by the people he thought cared most of his Future. But he could still afford hope.


On one of our Monthly visits with “SOMEONE LIKE ME ORGANIZATION” an organization formed in Mombasa, Kenya aimed at empowering and shading the light of hope to less fortunate kids,


On our visit at a special School we met this boy on a wheelchair seated quietly with a friend, the only person he trusted in his world, we couldn’t interact or do anything with him without involving his friend… There was a bond between them, Love was felt how they exchanged their hearty smiles, portrayed a sense of hope on their faces that buried behind the worst the past had offered him. The hearty smiles that painted happiness on their faces covered the gallons of tears that were milked by their past.


At the first sight we knew nothing about him, but his reactions made us curious to know more about him, he could smile to his friend, laugh with him but to us, a stare was the only thing we could exchange with him, an assistant at the school later told us about his story that leaked tears from our eye.


At age 12, John (not his real names) the ambitious young boy with anticipations of a brighter future lived with his parents, he had dreams of reaching the skies, dreams of soaring high, if we can recall that age when we had fresh dreams on our minds those that the futures awaited us to fulfil, the “when I grow up i want to be a” kind of dreams.


But all this were shattered, at age 13 when he lost his mum and forced to walk the rest of the journey of life with his dad, who later betrayed him, the only person the world had left with to trust, he was raped by his dad, the man he looked up to, the man he had faith in took all his dreams and ambitions out of him, this made him loose hope, the world was now hell, this kept on happening, the fear of exposing his secret wounds made him weak, hopeless, insecure, he knew if he could tell anyone about it, maybe worse may happen to him.


But luckily enough some good Samaritans came to his rescue, the incident was reported and his dad was arrested and jailed, John was rushed to the hospital, the doctors later reported that parts of his private part were badly damaged (I won’t talk about this in detail cause am not familiar with the doctor stuffs).and he was to undergo surgery, he underwent the surgery and even other several surgeries but nothing could bring John back to his normal life.


John was sent to a special school, life was different there, his condition too wasn’t that Good but the school took good care of him.


Today John spends his time in a wheelchair, his trust to people broken, the only person he now trusts most is his friend who is also a special kid in the school, John can’t go to the loo like others, his incontinent problem  has made the assistants in the school to use diapers on him, but John still has signs of hope on his smiles you could tell how he still has hope that someday he will come across the light and be able to reach to the skies he hoped for.


He didn’t just give up, after all that happened he still lives with hopes of a brighter future, one man once said,

“Never let the experience of your past compromise the quality of your future, your background can break the backbone of your future, never allow that to happen”


In whatever has hit you in life. Never lose hope for tomorrow keep hoping for a brighter light, trust in GOD and he is going to lead you through all, make you strong and give you a new beginning.


For John I wish him all the best in life may the lord see him through all he hopes to achieve in life. Amen.


I will find out more about John (not his real names) and find out if there are ways we can help him live his normal life.



Noel the poet (Noelson mwawai)

Courtesy of;

Someone like me organization


All Rights Reserved,

Copyright © 2017.


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