Our worst enemy has sworn to be a friend,

What we shouldn’t do is now being a trend,

Values are bought as the morals descend,

Was this integrity that we longed to defend?,

Corruption,our lifetime destruction.


Victims sold to be suspects,

Bribes, are no more done in secrets,

I have to pay to be employed,

My judgment is determined by the depth of my wallet,

Corruption,our lifetime destruction.


The rich are the law makers,

While the poor are the law breakers,

Corruption has made prison walls known by the innocent poor,

While the rich are freed before they meet the prison door,

Corruption,our lifetime destruction.


Bribe for a pass,

Bribe to be in class,

Bribe to be freed,

Bribe to be employed,

Corruption, our lifetime destruction.


You are not guilty,

Cause you have a fat wallet,

You drop the starlet,

Carry the scarlet,

Cause she gat money on her wallet,

Corruption, our lifetime destruction.


©noel the Poet 2017



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