As a writer sometimes i feel like I’ve been in many parts of this world, not really me but part of me has been out there, my words, the feelings i express through my words, and whenever i post my pieces on wordpress and other social media sites, and see people from all parts of the world viewing them and like what i write, i feel like I’ve met them already,like they know me already,

They say light travels faster than sound, to me i find words travel faster, having the Social Media as the Mode of transport…you can easily send them(words) to any part of the world. 


So to my fellow writers and readers out there, it was nice Meeting you. All those words you send to the world, we meet them everyday, Read them and learn more about you and the society you live in. 


Am Noelson from Kenya and it has always been a pleasure meeting you All. 



Thank you..



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