Talking of addiction,

I’ve recently noticed one of my own addictions,

“Watching”,to others this is part of entertainment and fun, but to me its more than just that,

I watch 6 hours every evening after work before i go to bed or should i say when am in bed till i fall asleep,


At My work place, Sometimes even sneaking to the washroom to watch atleast an episode on YouTube ,

Watching movies, documentaries, anything to watch,(not everything though), i will watch just to quench my craves,

Not forgetting re-watching my old movies over and over again.

Whenever i switch on my laptop, select a movie and put on my Headphones, i feel everything drifted to another new world,

And as it is known to many that every addiction has a side effect Right?,mine is a bit fascinating,


Hahahaha, My Dreams are really affected, ave recently noticed that they are more like movies than Dreams,

And they change depending on what i watched before i sleep, action to action, romantic to it, Comedy to………wait i dont remmber having a comic Dream but i remmber waking up laughing‚ sounds as an illusion right?, its not.


For instance, the other day i watched an episodes of the TV series “The Beauty and The Beast” later found myself in a dream land as the beast and the Beauty turned to be my workmate who I’ve always had a crush on, it wasn’t as similar to the series but there is something familiar to the other..Like the

Saving her leg from hitting the desk while she was busy walking concetrating on her phone, saving her for being hit by a careless driven bicycle…..the dream was a series too.


Wait!  now this one was weird,there was this day i watched a Kung-fu movie a nonstop action movies and went to bed afterwards, and found myself in this dream standing in the midst of enemies, ready for action, i fought them with those cool kung fu techniques little did i know i was fighting my furnitures, housewares, the worst part is that i woke up in the kitchen with broken utensils scattered all over the place.


Is there a Rehab for this kind of addiction??


Is there anyone who can help??


I fear watching Spider Man movies and wake up on my roof top…


Thanks for Reading my fellow writers and Readers.





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