Am seated at the corner, 

Thinking how I’ll get out alive, 

 Problems, troubles hindering my life, 

The pain of failure hits me like thunder,

left with no option now striving to go under,


My focus hindered 

Passion assimilated,surrendered? 

I think of His promise 

My eyes dim;should I compromise?

Left with no option; I can’t feel His presence


My faith is growing slender, 

I can’t feel your way, 

You promised to be my defender, 

Why is my path so gray, 

Left with no option i cant even pray,


Yes,in tomorrow I’m destined 

Yet,my staircase;firmly dislocated 

Like Job,my fear just escalated 

Where is the table which you  promised?

Left with no option;doubt ‘s prevailed


 I can’t fight my pain, 

It shrinks all my gains, 

I can’t even say Amen, 

When i pray;am drained, 

Left with no Option;hope is stained.


Where is the glory?

Where is the favor that changes a story?

I feel you loosed my name in your diary 

Son of fate;bound by worry 

Left with no Option;believing seems crapy,


Now tell me what to do, 

My focus,now on you, 

Tell me what to say, 

Teach me how to pray, 

Left with no option:in you I’ll stay, 


You are the unchanging changer 

The weak manifestor;the predistinator 

Casting my burden to you my vindicator 

Teach me how to stay in your making chamber 

Left with no Option;thou  buffet me,yet don’t tarry


©Mr Wordmek & ©Noellines



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