Talking of addiction,

I’ve recently noticed one of my own addictions,

“Watching”,to others this is part of entertainment and fun, but to me its more than just that,

I watch 6 hours every evening after work before i go to bed or should i say when am in bed till i fall asleep,


At My work place, Sometimes even sneaking to the washroom to watch atleast an episode on YouTube ,

Watching movies, documentaries, anything to watch,(not everything though), i will watch just to quench my craves,

Not forgetting re-watching my old movies over and over again.

Whenever i switch on my laptop, select a movie and put on my Headphones, i feel everything drifted to another new world,

And as it is known to many that every addiction has a side effect Right?,mine is a bit fascinating,


Hahahaha, My Dreams are really affected, ave recently noticed that they are more like movies than Dreams,

And they change depending on what i watched before i sleep, action to action, romantic to it, Comedy to………wait i dont remmber having a comic Dream but i remmber waking up laughing‚ sounds as an illusion right?, its not.


For instance, the other day i watched an episodes of the TV series “The Beauty and The Beast” later found myself in a dream land as the beast and the Beauty turned to be my workmate who I’ve always had a crush on, it wasn’t as similar to the series but there is something familiar to the other..Like the

Saving her leg from hitting the desk while she was busy walking concetrating on her phone, saving her for being hit by a careless driven bicycle…..the dream was a series too.


Wait!  now this one was weird,there was this day i watched a Kung-fu movie a nonstop action movies and went to bed afterwards, and found myself in this dream standing in the midst of enemies, ready for action, i fought them with those cool kung fu techniques little did i know i was fighting my furnitures, housewares, the worst part is that i woke up in the kitchen with broken utensils scattered all over the place.


Is there a Rehab for this kind of addiction??


Is there anyone who can help??


I fear watching Spider Man movies and wake up on my roof top…


Thanks for Reading my fellow writers and Readers.





To Readers & writers.

To Readers & writers.

As a writer sometimes i feel like I’ve been in many parts of this world, not really me but part of me has been out there, my words, the feelings i express through my words, and whenever i post my pieces on wordpress and other social media sites, and see people from all parts of the world viewing them and like what i write, i feel like I’ve met them already,like they know me already,

They say light travels faster than sound, to me i find words travel faster, having the Social Media as the Mode of transport…you can easily send them(words) to any part of the world. 


So to my fellow writers and readers out there, it was nice Meeting you. All those words you send to the world, we meet them everyday, Read them and learn more about you and the society you live in. 


Am Noelson from Kenya and it has always been a pleasure meeting you All. 



Thank you..





If you’ve ever thought that your life is one of the worst ones, when everything seems falling, at times you blame God for all that is happening, the times when you meet the tough and think you are facing the worst in life than anyone else, and thoughts of suicide linger your mind, having false hopes that when you vacate out of this life maybe everything is going to be fine, or you think of giving up and let failure take advantage of your weakness….


Then you are wrong cause there are millions of people out there who wish they had the life you have, but they don’t, there are many out there who wish they could walk like you, eat like you but they can’t, but nothing has ever stolen their smiles, they hope for the Dawn even when their skies lack signs of light,


In life, it’s not about how many times it hits you, it’s about the times it hits you hard but you find more courage to make a step and move to your Ambitions.


I will tell you a story of a young boy whose past was full of Dreams that never met its Future… Whose dreams were shattered by the people he thought cared most of his Future. But he could still afford hope.


On one of our Monthly visits with “SOMEONE LIKE ME ORGANIZATION” an organization formed in Mombasa, Kenya aimed at empowering and shading the light of hope to less fortunate kids,


On our visit at a special School we met this boy on a wheelchair seated quietly with a friend, the only person he trusted in his world, we couldn’t interact or do anything with him without involving his friend… There was a bond between them, Love was felt how they exchanged their hearty smiles, portrayed a sense of hope on their faces that buried behind the worst the past had offered him. The hearty smiles that painted happiness on their faces covered the gallons of tears that were milked by their past.


At the first sight we knew nothing about him, but his reactions made us curious to know more about him, he could smile to his friend, laugh with him but to us, a stare was the only thing we could exchange with him, an assistant at the school later told us about his story that leaked tears from our eye.


At age 12, John (not his real names) the ambitious young boy with anticipations of a brighter future lived with his parents, he had dreams of reaching the skies, dreams of soaring high, if we can recall that age when we had fresh dreams on our minds those that the futures awaited us to fulfil, the “when I grow up i want to be a” kind of dreams.


But all this were shattered, at age 13 when he lost his mum and forced to walk the rest of the journey of life with his dad, who later betrayed him, the only person the world had left with to trust, he was raped by his dad, the man he looked up to, the man he had faith in took all his dreams and ambitions out of him, this made him loose hope, the world was now hell, this kept on happening, the fear of exposing his secret wounds made him weak, hopeless, insecure, he knew if he could tell anyone about it, maybe worse may happen to him.


But luckily enough some good Samaritans came to his rescue, the incident was reported and his dad was arrested and jailed, John was rushed to the hospital, the doctors later reported that parts of his private part were badly damaged (I won’t talk about this in detail cause am not familiar with the doctor stuffs).and he was to undergo surgery, he underwent the surgery and even other several surgeries but nothing could bring John back to his normal life.


John was sent to a special school, life was different there, his condition too wasn’t that Good but the school took good care of him.


Today John spends his time in a wheelchair, his trust to people broken, the only person he now trusts most is his friend who is also a special kid in the school, John can’t go to the loo like others, his incontinent problem  has made the assistants in the school to use diapers on him, but John still has signs of hope on his smiles you could tell how he still has hope that someday he will come across the light and be able to reach to the skies he hoped for.


He didn’t just give up, after all that happened he still lives with hopes of a brighter future, one man once said,

“Never let the experience of your past compromise the quality of your future, your background can break the backbone of your future, never allow that to happen”


In whatever has hit you in life. Never lose hope for tomorrow keep hoping for a brighter light, trust in GOD and he is going to lead you through all, make you strong and give you a new beginning.


For John I wish him all the best in life may the lord see him through all he hopes to achieve in life. Amen.


I will find out more about John (not his real names) and find out if there are ways we can help him live his normal life.



Noel the poet (Noelson mwawai)

Courtesy of;

Someone like me organization

All Rights Reserved,

Copyright © 2017.




Travelling alone can be quiet tricky when it comes to travelling to unknown destinations, places you’ve never been, meeting people you’ve never met, interacting with different cultures and traditions, but it’s also a moment worth of your time, where you get to discover a whole new self in you.

These are the times where you need a peace of mind, time to forget your usual world, and you get to interact with a new world to learn new ideas, cultures, trends, new activities and learn new ways of being creative. This is when you expect nothing to stop you from doing what you planned to do.

Here are the few important things to do to avoid obstacles blocking you from enjoying a good time by yourself,

  1. Learn more about your destination.

It’s important to know where you are going, understanding the nature of the place, this will help you in your planning, knowing what to carry on your pack.

When visiting cold places, you will definitely have to carry heavy clothes or if the weather of your destination doesn’t suit your health then you would have to choose other places that suits your health, to avoid any complications.

  1. Giving a trusted friend or relative you’re travelling details.

This will help your family easily get to you whenever necessary, there are times you may need help and its becomes difficult for your relative back at home to know your whereabouts.

It will be better to give them your travelling details, phone numbers, hotel names so that they can keep in touch with you, find out if you’re okay and offer help where there need be.

  1. Avoid late arrivals.

Its will be more convenient getting to your destination early, this will help you in considering places to stay, where to eat, where to start and also having a good time to rest before indulging yourself in your planned activities.

  1. Avoid too many luggage when travelling

Carrying too many luggage when travelling can lead to loses, especially when your plan is to visit different towns, and it can even limit you from visiting many places as it will be hard for you to carry them along.

Carry little luggage that can easily be noticed in case of any loses, make sure there is enough room for stuffs you may love buying to carry home with you.

  1. Carry with you a camera.

Everyone loves creating memories of Good times of their lives. And you will probably won’t miss this moment to take pictures of the good moments and the fun times you had.

  1. Avoid getting ill while travelling.

Nothing feels good like travelling and be sure of not getting ill on your moments of exploring and adventure. Visiting a doctor for checkups before travelling will help reduce the risk of healthy complications in your time of travelling.

For instance, there are countries you may not be able to visit without a proof showing you are vaccinated against certain diseases, like yellow fever and etc.

  1. Being conservative with your money.

This is an important measure to take when you are on a trip to avoid running out of cash, this is the time one is forced to learn how to manage themselves without any help from close friends and relatives.

To avoid running out of cash you need to budget your trip well and confirm in advance the prices of the things or services you will need.

After you are done with your budgets ensure you carry extra cash for emergency purposes.

You might be tempted to buy every good thing you find on your way, because no one will be there to stop you, so you need to be more responsible in whatever you do.

It’s important to learn the basics, of the language of your destination, if you are planning to visit countries or places speaking different languages.

Like learning their greetings, how to say “thank you”, or how to ask for direction in case you get lost.

It can also help you interact with them easily.